About us

Alex Chenevier


Alex Chenevier, Founder of Managitech Ltd, based in Lyon and London, researcher/teacher & promoter of Innovation technology, digital applications; previously sales Director of web 1.0 startup based in Tokyo and Assistant to Vice-Presidents of financial practice at American operational consultancy in the City of London i.e. Business Development Coordinator at Alexander Proudfoot, part of market-listed MCG (Management Consulting Group PLC).

In 2009, Alex successfully qualified for a Performance and Change Management Diploma with Open University in England. During the course of this master degree, the discipline of innovation and the specialty of disruptive innovation were identified for further development. These were to become the cornerstone of Managitech’s rapid growth.



We offer a practical disruptive innovation value proposition incl. internal path dependency, corporate diagnostic/best practice peer group benchmarking and external knowledge fusing consulting, consolidated with educational teachings.


alex.chenevier at managitech.com